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Mark is easily the most knowledgeable realtor I’ve met. During our entire house buying process, (mind you this was over six months), Mark kept both my wife and I sane. First the quality of service he provides bar none, hands down is the best. I’ve talked to many friends old and young and have told them our experience, you simply just don’t get from others for what Mark does for you. He knows everyone, I had recommendations on every inspector in North Louisiana handed to me on a silver platter as well as roofers and electricians to use at my disposal should the need arise. Mark uses aerial videography and top notch technology via drones to provide his clients with in-depth knowledge of every home he finds you or that you have interest in. He told us from day one, that we will know it’s home once we walk in. During our home buying process he kept in touch with us almost every day to keep us updated on what’s going on. I felt privileged to have Mark not only as my realtor, but as my friend during the whole process.

Michael M.